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Who will cut off the head of the snake?

Remember the Cold War? In particular, do you remember when both sides had consistent ideological positions? Washington was always acting to stop soviet expansionism, preventing the dominoes from falling, while the Soviets fought to end American Imperialism. I miss the … Continue reading

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Crying in Tehran

Anyone who has ever tried to babysit a group of Israeli kids knows the expression translated as “this will end in crying.” Sometimes you just know that there will not be a good ending for certain kinds of behavior. Maybe … Continue reading

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It’s a MAD, MAD world

Si vis pacem, para bellum [he who desires peace, prepare for war] – Vegetius Anyone older than about 30 remembers the “balance of terror,” or in academic terms, the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). This meant that the US … Continue reading

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How the US is helping Iran and hurting Israel

This may be the worst short-term consequence of the Iranian nuclear deal of all: Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan is on a two-day tour of Moscow to meet with his counterparts about the signing of a new $8 billion arms … Continue reading

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Humiliation Day

Saturday was ‘Implementation Day’ for the Iranian nuclear deal. Someone referred to it as ‘humiliation day’ for America, because the humiliating surrender in the diplomatic battle to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons was accompanied by the humiliation of American … Continue reading

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