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Film Review: “Hate Spaces: The Politics of Intolerance on Campus”

“Hate Spaces” is a documentary film (view the trailer here) produced by Ralph Avi Goldwasser and Americans for Peace and Tolerance, who also gave us “The J Street Challenge,” and as the full title suggests, it describes the recent surge … Continue reading

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Are Palestinians “People of Color?”

I admit it. When I see the expression “person of color” used seriously, I stop reading. It is an indication that the writer is a fool, and probably a knave. What does it mean? It has been around since the … Continue reading

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Aftershocks of 9/11

Fifteen years ago, America took a punishing blow to the jaw, a strike aimed at its business, military and political centers of power. It was both a military and psychological blow, but above all it was a financial one. The … Continue reading

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