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How to recover Israel’s national honor and save the US taxpayer billions

Israel’s sometimes impulsive Defense Minister, Avigdor Liberman, was forced to apologize for a statement issued with his approval that compared the Obama Iran deal with the 1938 Munich agreement, which as we know fed Czechoslovakia into the maw of Nazi … Continue reading

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US sends arms to Hezbollah-controlled Lebanese army

Hezbollah has effective control of Lebanon, and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) are thoroughly infiltrated by Hezbollah. So why is the US providing weapons and equipment to the LAF? There is no way to keep them out of the hands … Continue reading

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Ending our unhealthy dependence

In a press conference at the Pentagon last Thursday, US President Obama said, [The] Israeli military and security community … acknowledges [the Iranian nuclear deal] has been a game changer. The country that was most opposed to the deal. Sorry, … Continue reading

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How Zionism left them behind

Hasia Diner and Marjorie N. Feld, two academics, intellectuals and Jews, recently published a manifesto of sorts, entitled “We’re American Jewish historians. This is why we’ve left Zionism behind.” The existence of yet another two Jewish intellectuals who despise the … Continue reading

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This Jewish doctor wants me dead

Some of my American readers might be so irritated by the major presidential candidates that they are thinking about voting for a third party candidate. Maybe even Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein. After all, almost half a million people … Continue reading

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