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Who will cut off the head of the snake?

Remember the Cold War? In particular, do you remember when both sides had consistent ideological positions? Washington was always acting to stop soviet expansionism, preventing the dominoes from falling, while the Soviets fought to end American Imperialism. I miss the … Continue reading

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What’s the problem with Reform Judaism?

Today I came across an article by Rabbi Baruch Efrati in which he opposes cooperation between Israelis and the Reform Movement. So what, you say. Another Orthodox attack on the heretical reformim. Perhaps so, but here is what caught my … Continue reading

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How to talk to Jews about Israel

Quite a few years ago, I went to a meeting in San Francisco about Israel advocacy, sponsored by the ADL (when the ADL was still interested in Israel advocacy). One of the speakers suggested a form of triage: there are … Continue reading

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Hasbara: why it’s harder and more important than you think

Everyone says Israel does a poor job of hasbara, but the question is “what is the job?” Hasbara is information, propaganda, public diplomacy, clarification of policies, telling the truth about Israel or telling lies. It depends on whom you ask.  … Continue reading

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