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Why negotiations with the PLO are a waste of time

Any “two-state solution” is a bad idea. It is inconsistent with Israel’s security – Judea and Samaria will quickly resemble Gaza – and it generally (but not always) implies that the Jewish people do not have full legal title to … Continue reading

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A narrative of hatred and death

The greatest enemy of the Jewish state is neither Iran nor Hamas. Israel can defend herself against the concrete threats they pose. Our greatest enemy is that which turns the rest of the world against us, that which justifies European … Continue reading

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Obama’s remorse and Iran’s victory

Does Iran really think it can defeat the US? How could it? The US is the greatest military power the world has ever known. Its nuclear arsenal is enough to turn any possible enemy into ionized plasma multiple times over. … Continue reading

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What a historical inflection point feels like

Germany and Austria have announced that they will for now allow all Syrian migrants that reach their borders to apply for asylum, as opposed to EU rules that require asylum-seekers to apply in the first country they enter. I assume … Continue reading

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Who killed the Dawabshes, and why doesn’t the Shabak want to know?

Someone burned a baby and his father to death and severely injured two other members of the Dawabshe family a little more than a month ago on July 31, in the Arab village of Duma, southwest of Shechem (Nablus). Beginning … Continue reading

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