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Jerusalem Day: exercise sovereignty or lose it

Yesterday was Jerusalem Day. One of the events was a march through the city to the Western Wall, including the Muslim quarter of the Old City. Most of the participants are teenagers from nationalist-religious schools. There have been complaints from … Continue reading

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Foreign money again; the slander against Ayelet Shaked

Yesterday’s post about foreign money financing anti-state activities here in Israel was also posted on the Elder of Ziyon blog, where it attracted a few comments. To my surprise (OK, not so much), several of them were opposed to the … Continue reading

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Stop foreign subversion of the Jewish state!

Are Israelis paranoid? Much of the world is out to get us, and I’m not talking about the Arabs. In his travels about Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Tuvia Tenenbom (Catch the Jew) tells of encountering massive European-funded projects, costing millions … Continue reading

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The Washington Post sinks to Mondoweiss level (updated)

The usual suspects have been pulling out all of the stops to attack Israel’s new Justice Minister, MK Ayelet Shaked. Shaked has been called a racist, accused of inciting genocide, even compared to Hitler. Until recently, this kind of verbal … Continue reading

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Pamela Geller is right

I’m seeing lots of criticism of Pamela Geller for almost getting murdered as a result of organizing a “Draw Muhammad” contest as part of a free speech event. I don’t buy any of it. Here are some of the things … Continue reading

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