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The Post-American Age and Israel

The American debacle in Afghanistan is bad for America, and bad for Europe. The jihadists of the Middle East have received a huge gift of military equipment. They may even receive “humanitarian aid” from the US, in return for releasing … Continue reading

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Bennett Should Have Stayed Home

Israel’s PM, Naftali Bennett, is already in the US and will be meeting with US President Biden on Thursday. There are some who think that Bennett should have stayed home. While it is unlikely that the administration can be convinced … Continue reading

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Israel’s Second Struggle for Independence

The USA has been Israel’s greatest friend and supporter in recent years. It is also Israel’s biggest problem. Our dependence on American military aid has sharply limited our freedom of action, distorted our decisions about procurement of weapons, crippled the … Continue reading

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Biden Brings Back Baker-Hamilton-Rhodes

News item: The Biden administration is pulling eight Patriot missile defence batteries from countries in the Middle East, including Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. US officials told the Journal that in addition … Continue reading

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Sovereign or Satellite?

“Israel has the right to defend herself,” said Joe Biden to cheers from the Jewish state. But not too strongly or for too long, apparently. When the pressure from the left wing of his party began to get uncomfortable, he … Continue reading

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