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The Return of the Echo Chamber

Can any moral person seriously support the revolutionary Islamic regime in Iran? It murders dissidents, takes westerners hostage for cash or in order to free imprisoned terrorists, hangs homosexuals, imprisons women for failing to wear the hijab, and condones their … Continue reading

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Biden Brings Back Cognitive Dissonance Over Israel

Binyamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by prize recipient Lord David Trimble, who got it in 1998. Trimble was honored for his part in negotiations leading to the … Continue reading

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Plan Z

In the Fall of 2012, Bibi Netanyahu and then Minister of Defense Ehud Barak had a plan to destroy Iran’s capability to make nuclear weapons. The plan was not executed because of opposition from the Cabinet, the Israeli security establishment, … Continue reading

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The Biden Administration and Israel

The election is over. Or not. There are anomalies in the vote counting process in several key states that seemingly can’t be explained. There are lawsuits filed, dismissed, pending. Are there serious investigations into the anomalies? Is there anyone sufficiently … Continue reading

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It will be OK

Israelis are sometimes criticized for saying “yehiye b’seder” [it will be OK] without sufficiently considering the consequences. But there is such a thing as decision paralysis, when you can’t act because you never feel that you have enough information. Sometimes … Continue reading

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